Questions asked in byju's interview

The process is quite streamlined for job at byjus but it be a bit tricky,

Apply with google forms .

  • Get a call back withing a week.
  • May any team leader or any Hr will take your first round of interview and his question is ( Tell me something about you)(brief your self start with greeting like Good morning, good evening etc. then about your schooling then college and then professional experience in any, and at last brief about your family background.
  • May 2nd question (have you earlied done any sales job) say yes if you have then brief little bit, but you need to be very confident any each and every stage .

if you are selected then he/she might tell you for the next round would be over the video call make sure you have done you sign up in (Google meet ) and will tell you sit with laptop coz its a prerequisite for laptop and with good internet connection it is compulsory.

  • Sit where background is clear if possible sit somewhere books and plants in background then in the second round you need to more confident here coz he is the decision maker of your job, eye contact and in light shade dress .
  • Again introduction with smile and then he/she may tell you its a very tough job how do you do, there is no job security, there is no fixed timings office hours, just to see your reaction, you need to say yes in each question with smile.
  • and then ask questions sir how much target i get in training, what was the incentive structure, what if i done my targets in each months.(these cross end question will help you gain the confidence in intervieweer.

the 5 minutes call and 15 minutes video call will give you 3 LPA or 2 months and 7 LPA after training ( but there’s also targets in training )

good luck guys : )

Drop your question if any !!

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