What are some questions asked in Business Development Associate interviews at Byju's?

During my interview which held few weeks back. I was asked many selling questions. There main focus is to find salesmen in you irrespective of how worthy degree you hold, they don’t give a sh*t.

Before appearing in the interview, I have talked to many of my friends who’d earlier given this interview. They told me that they even reject people by their appearances. Like one friend of mine who cleared all the selection procedure, gets rejected because he looks so innocent to handle clients. (HR told this)

Questions that you should prepare before boarding the drive are :

  • Everything about you, like your weakness, strength, short term ambition, long term plannings etc.
  • Your family background, profile, family business if so, etc.
  • Satisfactory reason for choosing Sales over your own field. Believe me they’ll grill you on this, so better be prepared for all the permutations of question.
  • Selling Question. (Just prepare one basic question like selling a pen or anything similar and do few changes there according to the situation they give)
  • Prepare some catchy greet ( Like “Good to see you people working so hard at such critical time, I should be thankful to you for taking my interview”)
  • Research about the company products, the profile you chosen ,their Competitors, CEO, Annual revenue etc. ( They would surely ask this 101%)
  • Your experience in Sales field or any unintentional encounter in sales ever. ( You can refer to your college events where you ever lead any team of marketing, sponsorship etc.)
  • They gonna ask you whether you can work for 14–15 hours a day. On this just answer them politely. Don’t look artificial, look genuine while answering. That’s the key to crack the interview.
  • At last, they ask you for any question, then just don’t leave this opportunity to grill them back, ask them about their work-life culture, their CSR policies etc.

P.S Luckily I cracked this interview :D

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