What did they ask you in a BYJU'S interview, and how well should others be prepared?

It wasn’t that difficult as one might think, I had my final interview day before yesterday, and the end result was I got selected. There were two interviews in a span of a week ( conducted on zoom ). I had been informed about my first interview only two days prior to it. So there was no as such good preparation for that. I just researched about the company, the profile for which I had applied to, and the maximum about myself. I’m from Engineering background so I prepared the reason for working in Sales field. I’m not telling you about the questions because they’re readily available everywhere on internet.

Get yourself ready about the selling questions, they gonna ask you to sell their product at higher price than usual to a customer. for that they’ll switched off their face camera and ask you to convince them as a sales person. This was my first question after all the introduction part. (including reason for Sales after B.tech)

After that, they kept on adding situations to the same question like what if the parents are IIT pass outs, what if they say to buy later, what if they say that we have youtube to prepare, etc.

They asked me “Could you lie to a customer in order sell your product ?”

I answered “Yeah but not as a lie, I would just exaggerate about my product and its actually a kind of characteristics of a sales person to use the exaggeration part as his tactics to sell his product, and there’s no shame in doing that, after all we’re in business not in Charity

They gonna ask you about your future plans for higher studies, So if you really wants to work-in there, Don’t tell them about your higher studies plan, if it so.

Don’t use common answers to impress them, instead use your self made answers, that’ll be good for you as well, like there would be no need of mugging up.

After all the Q&A session, They finally told me that they’re qualifying me for the next round, and Congratulated me. They said the next round would be tougher than this, and taken by their senior HRs.

One week after this, I had my second round of interview which was just as same as previous. Same selling questions, about my family background and interests. I felt my first round to be more difficult than second.

At last, They congratulated me for cracking the BYJU’s interview drive. and welcomed me in the company. They told me to send the joining letter 2–3 weeks afterward.

I too replied them graciously :)

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